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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Build the Perfect Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) for Your Home

An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a separate housing unit on a single-family residential lot. ADUs can be detached new construction, garage conversions, bump-outs, and more. Commonly known as Granny Flats, In-Law Units, or Guest Houses, ADUs offer various structural forms and are gaining popularity for their value-adding capabilities.

They are cost-effective for construction, especially for garage conversions. They generate rental income and provide affordable housing for extended family members while ensuring privacy. ADUs also offer flexible shared living spaces and accommodate seniors aging in place.

At Lampert Dias Architects, we specialize in building customized ADUs. Contact us today to create the perfect addition to your property!

Our Projects

ADU in San Juan Capistrano

This ADU in San Juan Capistrano is currently under construction. It’s being built using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). To achieve a partial second floor within the 14-foot height limit for detached ADUs, the building was sunk 3 feet into the ground.

James Kane House 

Our clients own a 1950’s 3-bedroom house in San Clemente and are planning a significant remodel. The project includes expanding the existing house, adding an ADU and JADU, a family room over the garage, and creating easy outdoor access. The ADU and JADU will be located on the second floor, with a roof deck offering ocean views for all units via a stair tower.

Allen House ADU

The owners purchased a small 3-bedroom house in San Clemente to accommodate their daughter’s young family and provide a separate guest suite for other visiting family members. The project involves a significant remodel, essentially creating a new house with a main dwelling, an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), and a JADU (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit).

While intended for one family, the spaces can be rented out separately in the future as each area has its own entrance through a shared stair tower. Additionally, there is an ocean-view roof deck accessible from the shared stair tower.

Miller ADU Project

The owners of this ADU project rent out their house and wish to enjoy their ocean view property in San Clemente. To accommodate this, we’ve created an ADU above the existing garage and included an additional parking space.

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Client Testimonials

My husband and I had a general concept as to how we wanted to remodel our 1950's style single story. Christine, Stephan and Erika have been exceedingly patient with us as we have gone through the process of figuring out exactly what we want. The design options they gave us were exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend!

Anne S.

Christine and Kristine have been amazing. They are very professional, patient and listen to what you want and need in your new home. This is our first remodel and have had so many questions and big decisions to make. I highly recommend them.

Frazer M.

I have to say that I had reservations about working with another architect as the last one I had on a different project was more interested in making something in their style than mine and I felt like I was somewhat working against them, begging to be heard. NOT the case with Christine Lampert. I am 100% satisfied with my experience in so many ways. Christine is a brilliant architect with a huge portfolio of fantastic buildings in all styles. Our conversations are very productive (she KNOWS what she's talking about!) and she is readily available and responsive. I feel so lucky to have found her and I recommend her to anyone. Designing your dream home should be a joy and she has delivered that as well as a finished product that I can't wait to live in. Thank you Christine!

Leslie U.

We found Lampert Dias Architects, Inc. 2 months ago. We purchased a single story house built in the 1940 and were looking for an architect that can incorporate the contemporary design elements we desired while still preserving the charm of the original home. Immediately, I was treated to a personal phone call from Christine Lampert. More than other architects we interviewed, Christine understood our ideas and was able to quickly come up with a design that made us feel our dream home can become a reality. Christine and her team were professional, courteous, responsive to our needs and have been a pleasure to work with. She was always available to answer any questions. Christine really listened to our needs and was able to translate those needs into a "dream home". We look forward to our finish project and would highly recommend them!

Thuy L

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