Bartow House was located just south of the pier bowl

Two other houses by Virgil Westbrook include 199 Avenida La Cuesta which is on the hill above town and 115 East Canada. In South West San Clemente is a Westbrook house at 166 W. Avenida Alessandro built in 1928 and one of the few built this far south in town. This house has been beautifully restored and was recently sold to a new owner.
Two of his most beautiful homes that didn’t survive was the house on Avenida de los Alamos for the first town mayor, Thomas Murphine. His house fell down the cliff 3 days after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. Today, all that remains is the carriage house. The other is the Bartow house that would have been just to the south of the pier, but instead is now a large 1970’s condominium building. The huge mansion was tom down in in 1972 which prompted frustrated citizens to form the San Clemente Historical Society and to lobby the city to serve historic properties.
There are many more Virgil Westbrook buildings in San Clemente, and over 30 of them arrested in a historic document in the city records.

The stairway fountain at Vista de las Olas

Mayor Murphine’s house was lost to an earthquake in 1933.

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