arried in Christine’s parents’ backyard in Cypress (she’s a graduate of South Gate High School) they went to work in San Clemente, both working for different architectural firms in the same building on Avonida Victoria. “He was upstairs, I was downstairs, and we both worked for these guys for a couple of years,” Christine recounts. “Then we moved on and both did mostly work in north Orange County” By this time, home would always be San Clemente. The couple. flipped their starter house for a ticy profit and bought their current property in 1979. Like the trajectory of their family and careers, the house itself has grown. Built in 1953, the place was originally a single story, two bedroom, one bath bungalow Forty years later, it’s a two story, four bedroom, three bath family abode with an office and still more space to renovate As time marched forward and the girls were growing, Christine) stayed close to home and David took on a more worldly challenge that was not at all that foreign to him. Though bom in New York, he spent much of his youth in Asia where his father did business. David was immersed in different Eastern cultures and graduated from high school in Japan. Later, his corporate pursuits took him back to the other side of the Pacific where he worked in real estate development-mostly shopping malls in China, Hong Kong and Japan, among others throughout the region. For seven years, he was designing construction as Vice President of Design and Construction for Walmart Asia Realty.

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